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Amy Sarner Williams

This website showcases my work in clay and my birch bark collages. Each piece is unique; no two are the same. Clicking on an image from the Claywork or Collage gallery page links to a separate page with details: description, including different views in some cases, size, price, availability and a secure cart. Enjoy!


Artist Statement

I am a professional artist, living and working in Philadelphia PA. I spent almost my entire career in the field of ceramic art – teaching, creating and exhibiting. In 1994 I joined the development staff at The Clay Studio in Old City Philadelphia. I knew the organization well, having been one of its early resident artists and instructors and later a member of the Board of Directors and Board Chair. In 2001 I became its Executive Director and, during my ten years of leadership, doubled its organizational capacity and increased its financial strength. I left the staff in 2011 to refocus on my family and my personal artistic expression. Still, it is one of the great joys of my life to see The Clay Studio poised to open its brand new, state of the art facility in late 2021.

In the Covid summer of 2020, I quarantined at my family’s cabin in the mountains of western Maine. There, in the magical space of quiet solitude, I began a new phase of artistic exploration, creating collages with natural materials I found on our property and on walks in the idyllic Maine woods. The inspiration for my work has always been the beauty of the natural world and the sense of wonder awakened through personal connection with the landscape.

My goal is that each unique piece speaks to your inner spirit, providing comfort and nourishment to your imagination. For in today’s frenetic world, the creative yet receptive spirit is so often drowned out, hidden or asleep. The power of my work is in the awakening of that spirit, keeping it present, transforming everyday life into a life of wonder, mystery, and oneness with all.

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